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Frequently Asked Leasing Questions:

When will I know if my application has been accepted?

We will be in touch with you as soon as we have vetted the application thoroughly. It usually only takes a few days, but please remember that sometimes we have to wait for return phone calls to verify rental history and employment status.

Rest assured, as soon as we know, you will know. Feel free to email us if you get anxious though: Please do not call or text us repeatedly for a status update. That will only delay the progress. It’s not that we don’t want to help, but email is really the best option.

How do I submit a maintenance request?

Another great question and we certainly want to take care of all our tenants and properties by keeping them in good repair. We have an online portal called RentManager for online maintenance requests. Please bookmark that so you can return to it easily as this will also be where you make rent payments.

Please do not repeatedly call or text members of our team with requests. Numerous individuals monitor the service requests in RentManager and that is the fastest and best way to get info to us as not everyone is on call or in the office all the time. Trust us, someone will pick up the request promptly and hop right on it. We can also track the progress effectively in RentManager making it easy for vendors, owners, office staff, and occupants to check the status.

How do I submit an application?

Applications are on our website here. We only hold a house with a reservation fee. Info regarding the deposit is below.

What are the minimum requirements for a lease with Deep Roots?

While credit requirements can sometimes vary based on the property, our absolute minimum requirements for any property are credit scores no lower than 600, at least 3x the monthly rent in income, and nothing in collections. We also require that there are no recent bankruptcies.

What if I am a student and am not employed full time?

For full time students, occupants under 21 years of age, and tenants will limited credit history, we require a Parental Guarantee to be completed and signed with the lease.

Do you perform a background or credit check?

Yes, we perform both background and credit checks for prospective tenants. We also check rental and employment history, request copies of paystubs (or taxes), and a copy of driver’s licenses for all adult occupants.

How do I know what properties are available and how do I request a showing?

Request a Showing

How do I hold a property? Reservation Fee Details

We only hold a house with a reservation fee. Regarding the reservation fee, it’s generally equal to one month’s rent payable to Deep Roots Property Management. You can deliver it to 420 S Milledge Ave, Athens 30605. There is a dropbox mounted wall on the front porch. Please let me know when it is there and we can hold the house for you. Also, once you enter into a lease with us, that will become your security deposit and be potentially refundable at the end of the lease provided the house is in good condition, etc. However, if you change your mind and do not execute a standard lease for this property, you will forfeit the reservation fee.

How do I pay my rent?

Great question and we certainly want to make that as easy for our tenants as possible. We have an online portal called RentManager for rent payments. Please bookmark that so you can return to it easily as this will also be where you make Maintenance Requests. You can also set up auto-payments on this site so you never have to worry about a late rent payment (highly recommended).

Frequently Asked Owner Questions:

How can I check the owner portal?

All our owners have access to our maintenance portal, RentManager. You can use this to check the status of work orders for repairs, check on rent payments, download documents, and more.

When and how can I expect payment?

We issue payment to our owners once a month via ACH transfer which automatically deposits the money into your bank account. Additionally, you will be emailed a statement each month itemizing all expenses, etc. Every January, you will get an annual report and a 1099.

What do management fees include?

We really try to be all inclusive in terms of our approach to property management. Your management fee includes professional photos, all marketing and advertising (unless you want something that is not standard for us, but we are happy to discuss that with you if so. Let’s just cover it up front), finding and qualifying the tenant, drawing up and maintaining the leases, and pretty much everything in between. When the lease is signed and the tenant is ready for occupancy, we will make sure we have enough keys for everyone (additional charges for things like keys will apply. We can’t cover out of pocket costs), and then schedule a move in walk thru to document the condition. While the tenant is in occupancy, we will collect the rent and maintain the property.

That includes things like scheduling maintenance requests, making sure the gutters are clean and free from trash and debris or scheduling pest control for you. We just need to have a discussion on the front end to make sure we know what you need us to handle for you. We can also pay recurring charges for you like HOA dues. Just ask us.

When the tenant moves out, we will do a move out walk thru, schedule repairs, and make deductions from the deposit as needed making sure it’s ready for a seamless transition to the next group-which we handle too. Our goal is for you to be able to sit back and know we are at the helm so you don’t have to worry. If anything major comes up (major AC issues, appliance replacement, insurance claims), we will absolutely give you a call.

Do you help investors buy and sell rental properties?

Absolutely. Buying and selling are where it all began for us, and an agent at our parent company, 3tree Realty, would love to help you select your next project or sell something you already have. Our agents are skilled in identifying the perfect rental for your needs. We can help you identify your potential target tenant demographic (ie multifamily or single family), and project rent rates, and inform you of local laws and ordinances.

Once you purchase the property, Deep Roots can manage it for you, and when you’re done and ready to sell, we can help you do that too. Our goal is to assist you with all facets of your real estate needs through our suite of brands: 3tree Realty, and Deep Roots Property Management.

Do you manage Short-term (AirBnb/VRBO) Rentals?

Well, this is a tricky one. The short answer is “yes” but the reality is that with Short-term rentals, there is a lot more turnover, maintenance, and management involved than there is in a traditional (annual) rental. To that end, we have to evaluate each property individually to see whether or not it will cash flow for our business model. If you are interested in finding out more, please call Ceci at (706) 247-2682.

You can also see a list of our current short-term rentals here.

What are your management fees?

At Deep Roots Property Management, we believe in keeping it simple. Therefore, we offer a one fee approach to property management. We take a percentage of the gross rents (call for details) and that includes access to all our services. We do not charge an onboarding fee, photo fee, or fee to procure a tenant. All application fees associated with running a credit or background check are paid by the prospective tenant, not the owner.

We do not charge a fee to renew a lease or to handle maintenance requests. We just want to keep it simple so you KNOW each month what your management fees will be. And since it’s a percentage of the gross rents, we don’t get paid if you don’t get paid (so we are pretty motivated to find you a good, solid, reliable tenant as quickly as possible).

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