We could try to convince you but our tenants and owners say it best.

"Ceci has been our real estate agent for the last 10 years! During that time, she has helped us with personal real estate as well as investments. She has been always been readily available by phone whether she was on in the office or even on vacation. She knows her stuff and knows this town! Her expertise has allowed us to obtain some properties even in multiple offer situations. I highly recommend her!"

B. Taliaferro

"Due to a sudden move, I reached out to Ceci to rent out my home in Athens. She was able to evaluate what was needed to be repaired and replaced according to rental code...an unexpected bonus. Her vetting process of potential renters could not have been any better. The tenant never missed a payment in 4 years and wound up buying the house from me! Ceci offers peace of mind for your property that can't be undervalued. I will miss our partnership over these last 4 years. Don't hesitate to call her if you have a property to rent!!"

J. Grubbs

"Ceci and her property management team do a fantastic job of taking care of their tenants and properties. I highly recommend going with 3tree if you want a team that cares!"

D. Zezulka

"We love Ceci. She has been a great property manager for our home for 6 years now. While we are in Florida we always know she is taking care of our home in Georgia not only as a professional but someone who truly cares.."

H. Doe

"I cannot say enough good stuff about 3Tree property management services. They make every part of the property management experience so stress-free that I never have to worry or think about the property at all. When I do have concerns, they are always addressed immediately and professionally."

C. Paige

"Ceci and 3 Tree Realty were fantastic when we needed to find a safe, affordable rental for our son. She made the process completely stress free."

J. Campbell

"I highly recommend 3 Tree Realty. Ms. Ceci and her staff are very professional. They are very compassionate and highly respect their tenants. They are they best landlord anyone could ask for. Great place to live."

S. Coleman

"Lived in one of their properties for 4 years. Loved every minute."

C. Rogero

"Ceci and her team made it very easy to find the perfect apartment for us. She was very attentive and responsive. I got an email and a phone call shortly after expressing my interest and the rest went very smoothly as well. After working with a few reality companies I can say this is one of the best!"

S. Westbrook

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