How can I check the owner portal?

All our owners have access to our maintenance portal, RentManager. You can use this to check the status of work orders for repairs, check on rent payments, download documents, and more.

When and how can I expect payment?

We issue payment to our owners once a month via ACH transfer which automatically deposits the money into your bank account. Additionally, you will be emailed a statement each month itemizing all expenses, etc. Every January, you will get an annual report and a 1099.

What do management fees include?

We really try to be all inclusive in terms of our approach to property management. Your management fee includes professional photos, all marketing and advertising (unless you want something that is not standard for us, but we are happy to discuss that with you if so. Let’s just cover it up front), finding and qualifying […]

Do you help investors buy and sell rental properties?

Absolutely. Buying and selling are where it all began for us, and an agent at our parent company, 3tree Realty, would love to help you select your next project or sell something you already have. Our agents are skilled in identifying the perfect rental for your needs. We can help you identify your potential target […]

Do you manage Short-term (AirBnb/VRBO) Rentals?

Well, this is a tricky one. The short answer is “yes” but the reality is that with Short-term rentals, there is a lot more turnover, maintenance, and management involved than there is in a traditional (annual) rental. To that end, we have to evaluate each property individually to see whether or not it will cash […]

What are your management fees?

At Deep Roots Property Management, we believe in keeping it simple. Therefore, we offer a one fee approach to property management. We take a percentage of the gross rents (call for details) and that includes access to all our services. We do not charge an onboarding fee, photo fee, or fee to procure a tenant. […]

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